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Minimize Income Tax

Minimizing taxes is a large part of estate planning. Any time a piece of property, a bank account, or a closely held business is transferred to another person, it is potentially a taxable event. At the law firm of Baxter & Borowicz Co. LPA, in Columbus, Ohio, we help our clients structure their assets in different ways to minimize tax consequences.

At Baxter & Borowicz Co., we find practical solutions for businesses and families through strategic planning. Call our Columbus strategic planning attorneys at (614) 431-8110 or send us an e-mail.
At times you may be able to save money by changing how your assets are owned. There are a number of ways this can be done; one of them is the creation of a family limited liability company (FLLC).

There are many tax advantages to using an FLLC, including:

  • Giving your spouse an estate tax exclusion
  • Leveraging gift, estate, and GST tax valuation discounts
  • Avoiding dividend and AMT treatment
  • Providing a safe harbor from the transfer for value rules
An FLLC is not the only way to minimize taxes in estate planning. There are many ways to strategically plan and eliminate estate taxes and lower income taxes, real property taxes, and sales taxes.

Protecting Your Financial Legacy

You can trust our knowledge and experience in tax minimization for your estate and business planning. We want to help you protect your property and ensure that more of it is available to your family.

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